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Ví kẹp tiền cá sấu

Ví kẹp tiền da cá sấu – a stylish accessory. Its users regardless of age, gender or national domain. Whoever you are, or wherever you are, holding it in your hand will help you be different and stylish. Ví kẹp tiền da cá sấu Can be considered a revolutionary product for users of compact wallets.

Ví kẹp tiền da cá sấu

Da cá sấu được thuộc xuyên tâm

Công dụng ví kẹp tiền da cá sấu :

The wallet consists of six card pockets, two card pockets and a cmnd key. This frame is specially imported from Korea. Hand sewn with needle nose just sturdy and durable. Beef mainly uses Italian cowhide.

Facial skin is naturally used to crocodile skin is subject to radial technology and polished Patina method. Khoaleather does not use dead skin, spray or sida (because it makes it easy to clean clothes).
Ví kẹp tiền da cá sấu

Gọng kẹp tiền sang trọng

Form ví kẹp tiền sang trọng và lịch lãm
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Với dịch vụ bảo hành và hậu mãi chưa từng có :

– Return the product within 30 days when not in use – Warranty of bubble, lifelong only – 100% true project – FREE COD DELIVERY

Khoaleather’s variety of colors, patterns and prices is guaranteed to be the most innovative option for your LEATHER experience.

Showroom 1: 974 Nguyen Kiem St., Ward 3, Go Vap Dist

Showroom 2: 360 Le Quang Dinh, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District Retail: 090.996.1007 – 0938.823.879 Buy Now: 0908234466 (Mr.Khoa)

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