Team Ninja Shows Off PS5 Console Exclusive Rise of the Ronin


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Rise of the Ronin, another open-world action RPG set in Japan from engineer Team Ninja, has been announced as a PS5 console exclusive. The announcement also brought alongside a first gander at gameplay, despite the fact that the game is still a ways off.

Rise of the Ronin is depicted as combat-centered by Team Ninja President and the game's director, Fumihiko Yasuda. Yasuda, who also coordinated action games like the Nioh series and Ninja Gaiden, proceeded to detail this game as the most ambitious task Team Ninja has made in a blog entry after the game's reveal. The announcement may shock some, as Team Ninja is also chipping away at the upcoming Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

In the reveal trailer displayed during the September 13 State of Play, a bird leads watchers through packed roads and up to a bluff and the game's setting is affirmed: Japan in 1863. The reveal trailer also drops clues and some information regarding the game's narrative. While the main protagonist narrates the trailer, the character's name is not revealed. A concise look at gameplay shows blade combat and a lightweight plane to fly in the air and traverse the open-world, similar to Breath of the Wild's lightweight flyer. The finish of the trailer is a montage of action carnage, featuring blades, grappling snares, and weapons.

However it could appear that this game is in early improvement given Team Ninja's ongoing workload, Yasuda has stated that the game has been being developed for a very long time. The trailer also reveals the release window, which is only at some point in 2024. Additionally, the game will be a PS5 console exclusive. Whether the game is a coordinated exclusive and will eventually be released on other platforms, for example, Sifu releasing on Nintendo Switch later this year, remains to be seen.

Rise of the Ronin is getting itself in a position to join the ranks of similar games zeroing in on sword combat and open universes on PlayStation, like the cherished and acclaimed Phantom of Tsushima. The as of late announced Assassin's Doctrine Red will also feature a Japan setting, so Japan is becoming a popular setting for PlayStation titles. While Rise of the Ronin is certainly set in a more present day era than a game like Phantom of Tsushima, there most certainly appear to be a few similarities between the titles. The game is still far away, however, and a great deal can change among now and release, so it will be at some point before players can feel what it is like to step into the shoes and obligations of the Ronin.