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If you want to learn about the role of a lease attorney and what tasks he performs, follow this article presented by attorney Naji Al-Osaimi, in which he will introduce you to who is the attorney specialized in lease contracts and what are the cases in which it is permissible to evict the tenant.
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But before delving into that, it is necessary to note the importance of lease contracts and that they are one of the most important and prominent documents that guarantee the rights of the contracting parties, whether the owner or the tenant, regardless of his nationality, whether he is a Saudi citizen or one of the expatriates from outside the Kingdom.

In order for the contracts to be valid and sound, they must be written by a rental contract attorney specialized in this matter in order to ensure that the terms of the contract are met, which guarantee the rights of both parties.

It is also necessary for the two parties to abide by all the terms of the contract, otherwise the contract will be subject to termination without any dues to the party in breach of the condition.

Come with us, we first get acquainted with the most famous rental contracts lawyer in Saudi Arabia, Naji Al-Osaimi, and the role he plays, whether when drafting the contract or when the contract is exposed to one of the cases of termination or breach of one of its conditions by one of the parties, before entering into the details of the landlord’s eligibility to evict the tenant.
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Lease contracts attorney, who is he?
The lease attorney is the attorney specialized in drafting lease contracts for facilities and buildings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as pleading and defending cases related to these contracts through breach or termination.

But in the beginning, let's get acquainted with the term rent as defined by the Saudi law of leasing, as it expresses the benefit of a benefit for a specified period in exchange for a specified fee, and accordingly the contract enables the tenant to benefit from what he has rented.

In order for the contract to be valid and legal, a lease attorney must ensure that a number of conditions are met.